Insolvency, restructuring and preventive restructuring


In the field of insolvency we specialize mainly in:

  • advising on how to resolve insolvency situations
  • advising on the preparation and filing of insolvency petitions
  • proposing and negotiating a solution to insolvency
  • representation in insolvency disputes
  • representation of creditors in creditors’ committees and creditors’ meetings, as well as representation of insolvency administrators
  • advising on reorganisation, in particular on the drawing up and negotiation or revision of a reorganisation plan; or
    advising on the purchase/sale of assets in insolvency proceedings
  • advising on acquisitions of distressed assets
  • advising on cross-border insolvencies

In the area of preventive restructurings under the Slovak Act on the Resolution of Imminent Bankruptcy (still pending in the Czech Republic), our law firm focuses primarily on:

  • legal advice in public and non-public preventive restructurings
  • analysis of impending insolvency and advice on the steps to be taken by the debtor before initiating a preventive restructuring
  • preparation of legal and economic (in cooperation with renowned economic advisors) analyses pursuant to the Act on the Resolution of Imminent Insolvency
  • conception and preparation of a preventive restructuring plan
  • representation of creditors in the preventive restructuring process, in particular in negotiations with the debtor and other creditors, in the creditors’ committee and at creditors’ meetings
  • drafting a qualified complaint under the Act on the resolution of impending insolvency