Labour law


In the field of employment law, we are happy to provide our clients with legal services, especially advice on:

Individual employment relations:

  • advising employers on the optimal setting of the employment relationship (e.g. remuneration for work, working hours, overtime, internal regulations)
  • concluding and terminating employment relationships and agreements outside the employment relationship
  • advising on the conclusion and termination of competition clauses
  • secondment of employees
  • employment of foreigners in the Czech Republic
  • discrimination and equal treatment in employment relations
  • outsourcing of services
  • transfer of rights and obligations under employment relationships

Employment law related to restructuring and acquisitions of companies
Compensation for occupational accidents and diseases
Collective labour relations:

  • support for employers in collective bargaining
  • analysis of rights and obligations arising from collective agreements

Agency employment:

  • drafting and reviewing contractual documentation from the perspective of both the employment agency and the user
  • representation of the employment agency in all procedures relating to the authorisation to provide employment

Representation before state authorities and courts:

  • conducting labour law litigation
  • representation in proceedings conducted by the Labour Inspectorate