Sports law

Sports law is a special area of law that focuses on relationships created in organized sports activities and encompasses a number of branches of national and international law. The wide-ranging expertise of our attorneys and tax advisors allows us to offer customized advice regarding the activities and organization of sports clubs and associations as well as advice to individual athletes on negotiating contract terms or tax matters, at either the professional or amateur level.

Our specialization covers a range of areas, primarily:

  • Contractual matters including national and international athlete transfers
  • Full legal service for athletes and sports clubs (e.g. preparing documentation relating to their activities – player contracts, trade licenses, marketing and advertising, media rights, personality rights)
  • Dispute resolution in matters concerning decisions of sports association bodies, public administration, courts and arbitration proceedings; disciplinary proceedings
  • Issues involved in organizing sports events, including labour law and litigation
  • Advice to manufacturers and distributors of sports equipment and nutrition
  • Sponsoring, advertising and marketing
  • General tax matters

Contact: Mgr. Bc. Pavel Vincík, partner