Recovery of receivables

bpv BRAUN PARTNERS works with Czech companies to secure all legal, technical and administrative services necessary in relation to bulk debt recovery for clients. This means we can offer full service: all contact with debtors (in writing or by telephone), appearing in court and communicating with the court.

We handle your receivables from first payment reminder to final recovery. Our team is currently made up of about 20 people, most with years of experience.


  • taking over all aspects of legal recovery of receivables from the client
  • handling day-to-day oral and written communication with the client, attorneys, courts, distraint officers and other relevant parties
  • a specially developed management system that can connect with the client’s systems and streamline the flow of information and data
  • regular, precise status reports
  • fast communication with the other subjects in the process of recovery of receivables, significantly improving efficiency
  • the ability to increase capacity based on the client’s real needs within about three months
  • a special micro team, led by an experienced attorney, put together for each client


  • reduce in-house staff
  • reduce related costs
  • more efficient external recovery leading to increased revenues


  • preparation of pre-action call for payment and related administrative tasks
  • initiating and conducting judicial proceedings or arbitration proceedings
  • representing clients in court hearings
  • efficient debt recovery enforcement in cooperation with reputable debt recovery authorities
  • acquiring directly enforceable notarial deeds
  • comprehensive expert legal advice to clients, including feedback to clients on our experience in court (e.g. suggestions for better contractual conditions)
  • direct communication with debtors, judges
  • regular reports for clients to review the status of the recovery at a glance
  • online access to the database with your claims
  • legal analysis of critical points in contractual documentation and proposed solutions

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