Pharmaceutical Law & Healthcare

We have been active in providing legal services to clients doing business in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries, hospitals, biotech companies, and also other clients who need legal advice in this area of law. We regularly advise clients on complex matters related to the exploration of scientific breakthroughs and business opportunities including, legal services and facilitating related to capital investments, mergers and acquisitions and technology transfer transactions.

We also support our clients in legal issues relating to medicine testing, data protection of pharmaceutical companies and healthcare providers, rights and responsibilities of patients, education, tenders with a medical or pharmaceutical focus, labor law advisory for pharmaceutical companies and healthcare providers, special healthcare legislation, administrative proceedings in connection with medical or pharmaceutical business, balneology, health insurance, protection of public health, and medical devices.

In the area of the pharmaceutical law we focus on:

  • Price regulation
  • Ad regulation of pharmaceuticals and food supplements
  • Contractual agenda
  • Aspects of pharmaceutical law with respect to the protection of competition
  • Import and export of pharmaceuticals

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