Insurance law

Our office advises many insurers and policyholders in the Czech Republic and Slovakia on transactions, choosing distribution structures, designing products, and related regulatory and tax matters concerning life insurance, non-life insurance, and reinsurance.

Our insurance and pension fund practice focuses primarily on

  • preparing contractual documentation (insurance policies, framework insurance policies, distribution agreements, general and special insurance terms and conditions);
  • reviewing insurance policies and insurance benefits, including consultation before entering into agreements, assessment in the context of a loss event anticipated or that has already occurred;
  • providing detailed legal analyses of all valid insurance regulations, terms and conditions in the event of a claim for insurance coverage and protection;
  • advising on regulatory aspects of insurance and reinsurance companies, pension funds, and other entities operating in this area of financial services;
  • addressing regulatory matters for insurers as well;
  • assisting European insurance companies entering the Czech and Slovak markets;
  • supporting clients introducing new products, reviewing contractual documentation, including ramifications from and on other services provided by third parties concerning regulatory rules, civil law and tax issues;
  • representing clients in negotiating specific insurance terms and conditions and in proceedings before the supervisory authority.