Insolvency, Bankruptcy, Restructuring and Preventive restructuring

In the area of restructuring and insolvency we mainly focus on:

  • Representation of creditors, debtors and insolvency trustees in all stages of insolvency procedure
  • Acquisition of distressed assets
  • Advisory to debtors and creditors in preparation of insolvency plans and in controlled insolvency
  • Contesting legal acts of debtors
  • Cross-border insolvency
  • Security in case of insolvency and exclusion from the property of the estate
  • Advisory in assets acquisitions in the course of insolvency procedure
  • Advisory in reorganization and restructuring of companies
  • Advisory regarding off-court settlements

In the area of preventive restructurings under the Slovak Act on the resolution of impending bankruptcy (still under negotiation in the Czech Republic), our law firm focuses primarily on:

  • Acting as legal advisor in both public preventive restructurings and private preventive restructurings;
  • Analysing impending insolvency and advising on the debtor's actions prior to the initiation of a preventive restructuring;
  • Preparation of legal analyses pursuant to the act on the resolution of impeding bankruptcy;
  • Ensuring the preparation of economic analyses pursuant to the act on the resolution of impeding bankruptcy in cooperation with renowned economic advisers;
  • Drafting of the concept of the preventive restructuring plan and drafting of the preventive restructuring plan;
  • Representation of creditors in the process of preventive restructuring, in particular in negotiations with the debtor and other creditors, in the creditors' committee and at creditors' meetings;
  • Drafting a qualified complaint pursuant to the act on the resolution of impeding bankruptcy.

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