Energy Segment

We provide comprehensive legal services covering the entire energy market. Our clientele include both domestic and international investors, banks, operators and owners of distribution systems, power plants and product pipelines, as well as power suppliers and dealers. We have been successful in completing extensive transactions or implementing restructuring plans for global groups but we also provide consulting services to local businesses concerning their day to day matters.

We mainly focus on:

  • Advisory services in the area of production, distribution and trade in power, gas and heat
  • Advisory services in the area of renewable power resources and public support in the energy segment – see the Renewable Resources section
  • Analysis of project feasibility and development of energy networks and product pipelines in terms of the Czech and European energy law, international treaties
  • Advisory services concerning protection of investment and representation in arbitration and judicial proceeding
  • Issues of the rights of owners and operators of power facilities in connect with real property owned by other persons
  • Representation of clients in project financing and acquisitions of distribution systems, production facilities and alternative power resources projects, preparation and negotiation of financial or acquisition contractual documentation
  • Legal analysis and due diligence of energy projects and energy businesses
  • Advisce to clients in obtaining licences to produce, distribute and sell power or gas, and representation of clients before the respective authorities and institutions, mainly before the Energy Regulatory Office, Ministry of Industry and Trade, building authorities, OTE, PXE, ČEPS
  • Preparation and audit of contractual documents and business terms and conditions
  • Contracts to procure, develop or renew technologies in the electrical and energy segment
  • Legal analysis (risk assessment) of contracts made with the individual contractual partners on the energy market, including EFET contracts
  • Representation in judicial and administrative proceedings concerning the daily matters of participants in the energy market, mainly in disputes over supplies, connection, consumer protection, etc.